Our Products

BCS manufactures professional quality structural components for today’s fast-paced construction process. Homebuilders are working to decrease construction cycle times and improve the quality of their products. Building components fabricated in a controlled manufacturing environment are quicker and easier to install and provide superior quality compared to traditional jobsite fabrication.


Roof Trusses


Why Buy Roof Trusses from BCS?

By using the latest Mitek technology available in the industry, tighter tolerances and a more precise product can be produced.  Our manufacturing facility offers high efficiency, low waste, LEAN principles and cost effective practices.  Our customers are assured of high quality at cost effective prices.  Our trusses are designed to incorporate many features that reduce jobsite material usage which means less waste and trash in the environment.

Floor Trusses


Why Buy Floor Trusses from BCS?

Floor trusses offer jobsite and design advantages over dimensional lumber and joist products.  With our tight manufacturing tolerances, floor trusses offer builders better opportunities to route mechanicals, plumbing and A/C in the most efficient configuration possible.  Floor trusses afford the framer larger surface area for attaching floor panels, which eliminates unwanted squeaks and deflection in the floor system.  A complete floor system with BOISE LVL products and engineered USP hangers provides builders with a fast, efficient, and precise floor system.

Wall Panels


Why Buy Wall Panels from BCS?

The major advantage to buying wall panels from BCS for your building projects is using less material and reducing the time spend on the jobsite.

Additional advantages of wood panels over stick framing are:

  • Controlled quality of materials.
  • Walls with headers and studs designed for loads.
  • Sheathing can be done in the factory and save you additional time on the building site.
  • Elimination of waste, material quantity errors, theft.  Minimizes jobsite cleanup and dumpster fees.

Jobsite Lumber Delivery


Why Get Jobsite Framing Materials from BCS?

Our onsite professional estimator will ensure the right amount of materials at the right price and the right time. With deliveries to the greater Jacksonville area extending to Palm Coast and Fernandina, our knowledgeable staff and licensed CDL truck drivers offer same day deliveries.

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