At Building Component Supply (BCS) we:

  • Adhere to the highest ethical and moral standards, honesty and integrity above all else.
  • Foster a positive, enjoyable work environment where associates grow into new opportunities allowing BCS to leverage the human capital our associates possess.
  • Utilize our experience and new ideas to capture cost savings and deliver unparalleled value to our customer base.
  • Strive to understand our customers’ needs first – develop systems and processes to ensure those needs are met, expediently solve problems, and proactively manage our business.

Tom Mabry, General Manager

Our Values

Central to our ability to deliver on our commitments and offer service consistent with our goals and mission is the ability to grow a business rooted in the following fundamental business values:

  • Integrity – strive to do the right thing and value relationships built on honesty, mutual respect and trust.
  • Innovation – challenge ourselves to continuously improve what we do – adapt to new, different and changing requirements.
  • Leadership – practice what we preach; set an example, and share the risks and hardships.
  • Be Proactive – when problems are identified – prioritize and start solving them immediately; if there is an opportunity – take it now!
  • Measure – establish metrics throughout our organization to evaluate and instantaneously track the effectiveness of all aspects of our operation.
  • Develop – build and develop winning associates; provide training and create opportunities for our associates to grow now and in the future.
  • Accountability – instill an ownership attitude in our associates whereas they take pride in both their performance and the group as a whole.

Our Customer Service Vision

BCS, Inc. will strive to improve quality of work, efficiency, communication, cost controls, and overall effectiveness of our operations – in turn providing value to our customer base.  In order to accomplish these goals we emphasize the following characteristics:

  • Reliability – provide builders with a schedule that they can consistently depend on.  Strive to find ways to eliminate waste and decrease cycle-time.
  • Communication – provide specific and relevant information, keeping the customer aware of any changes.
  • Proficiency – know the business; be counted on as a resource by our customers – keeping them informed on industry changes as it pertains to our scope of work.
  • Expediency – prompt attention to customer needs; react positively, cooperatively, efficiently, and deliberately.
  • Competitiveness – Service the customer by offering consistent quality products and services.  Competitive pricing is a result of streamlined processes, competent associates, and vertical integration within the supply chain.

Read our officer bios:

  • Previously worked in a logistics and manufacturing capacity for a large distribution and construction services business.
  • Ryan received a Master’s Degree in Mathematics from Florida State University.  He attended executive education programs at the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech University.
  • 20 years construction industry experience within the Jacksonville market
  • Previous work experience selling and managing construction service business units including serving as Sales Manager for a regional market
  • John graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology.
  • 10 years of construction management experience with both commercial and residential construction.
  • Andy graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management from the University of Wisconsin-Stout

30 years experience in the construction industry, 20 years as a component manufacturer.  Previous experience includes building and managing component manufacturing facilities for privately and publicly owned companies.

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